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Barbie Dutton


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I’d like to say Waco has always been my home, but I was born in Austin, and grew up in Houston. I do however, have a long-standing Waco connection; my family lived here for 4 years, from the time I was 2 until I was 6. Once I returned here as an adult in 1982, with my husband, Mike, Waco became home. We have lived in the same house in Woodway, for 30+ years, where we raised 2 sons, both of whom graduated from Baylor University. One is now married and lives in Houston with our lovely daughter-in-law and new grand baby, and the other is in Austin, living the dream.

I have a degree in Education; I taught school, home schooled and eventually worked at Baylor as support staff until the opportunity to get into real estate and work with longtime friend and now broker, Jennifer Robbins, became a reality.

I am hard-pressed to remember a time when I felt more blessed and fulfilled. God is at the center of all that am and do, so it is natural that I consult and include Him in all my real estate transactions. I feel blessed by all the new relationships that come into my life through this new career and

I see real estate as the vehicle that allows me to connect with others, to serve them, to discover their goals and desires, and to create an individualized framework from which to help them realize those dreams.

Every day is a new adventure for me; every transaction is different and each one presents a new challenge and learning experience. My biggest regret is coming to the game late; I wish I had been doing this for 20 years. . .but I’m here now, loving what I do.

Contact me today at dreamhousebarbie@outlook.com or 254-717-1563 and let me make it a reality for you to live life in the dreamhouse. . .

“Building friendships, one dreamhouse at a time. . . “